Solidago virga-aurea L.

Local Name:
Sonari Buti.
Habit and Habitat:
A perennial unbranched herb with erect leafy stem, upto 1m tall, found in sub-alpine zone.
Taxonomic Features:
Leaves simple, lanceolate, aromatic, acute, subglabrous, lower leaves stalked, 8-13cm, toothed, the upper sessile, smaller,narrower and entire. Inflorescence composed of terminal panicles or racemes. Flower mustard yellow. Ray floret strap-shaped, spreading while disc floret tubular. Fruit an achene, pappus long, rough with brownish-white hairs.
Flowering and Fruiting:
Harvesting Time:
July- October.
Medicinal Value:
It has expectorant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties also useful in cough, flu, asthma and indigestion.[5][9]
Part Used:
Flower, leaf, stem.
Future Perspective:
Conservation, cultivation, chemical analysis, Herbal Pharmacy.
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