Value Addition of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants


Three local natural products have been formulated and prepared by using local MAPs,which showed effective results.

I.  A Mood Tea, A Nerve Tonic,(Main ingredient is Hypericum perforatum L.

II. AStomach Healing Powder,(Main ingredient is Artemisia absenthium L.).

III. Rheumatic Capsule,(Main ingredients are Sarcococca saligna,Colchicum luteum Baker).




Eeesential Oil Extraction:

Exotic species were planted and propagated at Govt. Boys Degree College Abbaspur AJK. Essential oil was distilled from Lavendula angustifolia L. and Mentha piperitaL. Flowers contain more oil than leaves.




Note: It is not included in project activities. Said value added products are prepared on very small scale. Further, their quality, quantity, efficacy and  production can be enhanced by addressing all aspects of MAPs research.




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