• We believe in MAPs survey, collection, identification, conservation, preservation, care and sustainable utilization.
  •  Our aim is to centralize and consolidate scattered ideas about MAPs research at one place through establishing research facilities.
  •  AJKMAPH, is a national property and serves as a referral  facility on the Flora of Poonch Area and helpful in maintaining precious national resource of medicinal and aromatic plants, useful for various categories  of people, including environmentalists, pharmacists, medical doctors, naturalists, researchers, students, teachers, traditional practitioners and herbalists etc.
  • A resource of consultation and guidance for different organizations involved in plant research including Forestry, Educational Institutions, National History and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Conservation and conversion of traditional knowledge into digital form.
  •  Changing mindsets of people from consumers, importers to producers and exporters.




  • To collect fresh plant specimens with all vegetative and reproductive parts through exclusive and inclusive field survey.
  • Preservation of the MAPs diversity as herbarium samples.
  • Documented plant samples serve as base for correct identification of plant biodiversity of Poonch region.
  • To play role in determination of the status and conservation of the threatened and endangered MAPs species of area.
  • To assist in developing of local and national policy on economic progress through sustainable utilization and research management of MAPs species of agricultural, medicinal and cosmetic significance.     





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